What are the essential features of an abstract carpet?

Carpets and rugs can add a touch of color and luxury to your home. If you want to give your home a classic, yet modern appeal, consider installing a carpet or rug with a unique design. One such style of carpet that you can install is a rug with an abstract design on it. If you observe these carpets, you will find that an Abstract Rug does not have a definite pattern. Instead, it seems to be a combination of colors that blend into one another, giving it a unique pattern. When you place a carpet with an abstract design on the living room floor of your home, you can almost see the décor of the entire room changes. You will feel that the room gets a modern and contemporary appeal once the carpet is installed. Some of the essential features of an abstract rug are as follows:

1. Abstract rugs are usually a reflection of abstract art

When you observe the patterns on abstract rugs, you can sometimes distinguish the patterns of abstract art. The patterns wove onto these carpets are usually inspired by modern art. The objectives of designers who make these rugs are to reflect modern designs and modern art. Some of the artistic features of abstract rugs are as follows:


a. In abstract carpets, you will not discern any particular pattern, which is similar to modern art. In regular mats, you will find graphic prints inspired by floral motifs or even geometric shapes. But in abstract rugs, there is no particular design.

b. The lack of a particular design does not mean there is no aesthetic appeal to the carpets. On the contrary, these carpets appeal to the contemporary and the modern vision that you have when you imagine the décor of your home.

These modern art-inspired carpets are designed to change the décor of your home completely. The blending of the colors and the designs make it look like a unique combination of colors. An abstract carpet is different from any other type of carpet as it will not be of very bright shade, but it can brighten the appearance of any room.

2. The rugs are usually made by hand.

When you see the manufacturing process of abstract rugs, you will find these are usually done by hand. The individual thread and the weaving require the combination of wool or cotton of several colors. To make the rug of the particular shade and design, you must combine threads in different colors. You cannot put these in a machine and produce the desired result. Hence, abstract rugs are often woven by hand where the image is first visualized, and then the threads decided. The threads have to be selected so that this blend forms the image and produces the desired impact. The idea is almost like a painting of abstract art and will reflect an artist’s imagination.

When you purchase a rug with an abstract design, consider the design and décor of your room. You should install the carpet in a room that gets a lot of natural light. The rug should also be the center of attraction.  An abstract rug is like a work of art, and it should attract the attention of anyone entering the room. Therefore, you should place the rug in a place where it will naturally draw people’s attention. You should avoid putting in a location that is likely to get heavy traffic. These carpets are usually hand-woven and need to be well-maintained. Therefore, when you purchase one, ensure that the design matches your vision and the décor of your home.

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